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Google Ranking Factors | This ONE Thing Is What Matters In SEO

January 17, 2024 Phoebe, The Plan Success Season 4 Episode 43
Beginners SEO Podcast
Google Ranking Factors | This ONE Thing Is What Matters In SEO
Show Notes

Today's episode I talk all about the top search engine ranking factors and what Google is looking for when it comes to small business websites or blogs.

So, if you've got a small business site or you're starting out with blogging, then you're going to want to listen to today's beginner's SEO episode.

I go deep into detail with new strategies you could try to help grow your online business with the power of organic traffic. Tune in and let me know what you think!

Show Notes & Timestamps

Content Quality (00:00:00)
The importance of high-quality content for home pages, product pages, and blog posts.

Video Marketing (00:02:59)
The potential of video marketing and the emphasis on quality in content marketing strategy.

Email Marketing and Content Update (00:04:04)
Utilizing email marketing, updating existing content, and scaling content marketing efforts.

Backlinks (00:06:02)
The significance of relevant backlinks and the importance of organic backlink building.

Technical SEO (00:07:24)
The basics of technical SEO, including website speed and the role of website builders.

Keyword Optimization (00:09:31)
The crucial role of keyword research and its impact on search engine rankings.

Design and Mobile Optimization (00:13:04)
The increasing importance of website design and mobile optimization for ranking on Google.

Brand Signals and Reviews (00:16:16)
The influence of brand presence and reputation, as well as the significance of reviews for local businesses.

Social Signals and Engagement (00:18:13)
The correlation between social signals and SEO, emphasizing the impact of engagement on social media.

Design and User Experience (00:19:20)
Phoebe emphasizes the importance of a smooth user experience and design for website optimization.

Content Marketing (00:19:20)
Phoebe discusses the significance of content marketing as a key factor for website ranking signals.

Brand Perception and Social Signals (00:19:20)
Phoebe highlights the importance of brand perception and social signals for website ranking and visibility.

Keyword Research and Optimization (00:19:20)
Phoebe stresses the significance of choosing the right keywords and fully optimizing the website for effective SEO.

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